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  Posted on: Friday, November 9, 2018
The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OSIAC) Takes The Fusion Center of the Year Award Cup Home

The 2018 Fusion Center of the Year Award was awarded to the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC). 

The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center was nominated by the Orange County Chiefs of Police and Sheriff's Association. OCIAC is one of six fusion centers in the State of California. The center has approximately 40 staff members from 16 participating organizations. Some examples of OCIAC's recent accomplishments include:
  • Working with the Orange County JTTF to develop an online threat exploitation methodology that helps identify subjects seeking to travel to conflict zones, flight with designated foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs), or provide material support to terrorism. The process has resulted in four arrests for material support of terrorism and over 180 Guardian leads. 
  • In may of 2018, a bomb was delivered to a medical building in Aliso Viejo, California. The OCIAC provided immediate on-site support and acted as an information-sharing liaison between federal and local agencies responding to the incident. OCIAC supported 24-hour around the clock operations for more than a week. 
  • OCIAC collaborated with the FBI in 2018 to create an FBI Cyber Task Force. FBI assigned a Special Agent from their Cyber Division to OCIAC in order to launch the Task Force and increase successful prosecution of cyber crimes within Orange County and across the nation. 
  • OCIAC also worked with area partners to create a Cyber Liaison Officer Program. The program requires cyber liaison officers to complete am 8-hours training. The program has generated 400 trainees, and led to 35 cyber tips and leads. 

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11/9/18   The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OSIAC) Takes The Fusion Center of the Year Award Cup Home
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