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SAFD Chiefs Explain How Massive Collaboration Between Local, Federal Agencies Keeps Community Safe
By: Courtney Friedman
5/12/19 10:49 PM

SAN ANTONIO - A massive collaboration across the San Antonio region has first responders constantly training and preparing to keep us safe. We saw that collaborative effort firsthand last month when a man killed his neighbor, set his house on fire and opened fire in the neighborhood.Seeing that incident prompted KSAT to look further into how that seamless teamwork happens. [More]

Orange County Fusion Center Works to Prevent Terror Attacks
By: Greg Lee
5/03/19 2:09 AM

In a nondescript building in an undisclosed part of Orange County, a team of local, regional and federal law enforcement members work to identify and vet threats of violence and terrorism. "Our job is to identify those things before they happen and prevent them from happening," said Orange County Sheriff's Department Lt. [More]
Aurora Police Face Culture Change as Department Launches New Information Sharing Center
By: Megan Jones
12/24/18 9:50 AM

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman says officers face a culture change come January as they implement a new method of sharing information throughout the department. The new year will kick off the creation of a Critical Incident Intel Center, which will consist of a full-time data analyst and two sworn police officers to gather and deploy information. [More]

State Fusion Center Staff to Assist in Florence Relief Effort
By: John Dahlia
Although not positioned inside the State Emergency Operations Center near Yeager Airport, staff at the West Virginia Intelligence/ Fusion Center across town are also involved in the emergency response effort when Hurricane Florence hits the Mountain State.  "Currently, the West Virginia Intelligence/ Fusion Center is attending weather briefings provided by the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the National Weather Service," West Virginia Intelligence/ Fusion Center Director Jessica Griffith said. [More]
Combating Terrorism: Five Things to Know About a Fusion Center
By: Chris Stewart
This news organization is examining how the U.S. government is combating the threat of terrorim at home 15 years after the 2001 al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on America. [More]
Why You Should Use Fusion Centers to Improve Campus Safety
By: Zach Winn

Collaborating with local Fusion Centers can be an invaluable way for schools and hospitals to bolster their security operations. There are 79 Fusion Centers spread out across the country that campus emergency management and security officials can leverage to improve their operations. [More]