Fusion Center Recognition Awards

  Posted on: Friday, November 9, 2018
Jenny Williams of the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center (MSAI) received the Fusion Center Director of the Year Award

The 2018 winner of the Fusion Center Director of the Year is Jenny Williams of the Mississippi Analysis and Information Center (MSAIC). 

Ms. Williams has been the director of MSAIC since December 2016. During that time, she has led several initiatives. One example is the implementation of statewide intelligence meetings. Attendees from 113 agencies around the state attend these meetings. Ms. Williams presented the resultant data to members of the Mississippi legislature and the Governor. 

Ms. Williams has overseen overdue updating of policies, procedures, and MOUs. Additionally, the MSAIC is building a cyber lab and adding inter-agency partners from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and US Customs and Border Patrol. Under Director William's leadership, the MSAIC implemented a human trafficking database as well as a gang database for use in collaboration with external partners. As a final example of the positive influence Ms. Williams has had at the MSAIC, In 2016 the MSAIC received approximately 980 Requests for Information (RFIs). As of mid-2018, the MSAIC processed 1,390 requests.

Ms. Williams' nomination for director of the year was endorsed by the State of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher, and Mississippi Office of Homeland Security Executive Director J.W. Ledbetter. 
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