Privacy Policies
Fusion centers prioritize the protection of privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. The privacy policies linked below are meant to provide the public with an understanding of how fusion centers protect those rights in their activities while striving to keep their communities safe. Fusion centers seek to abide by major privacy, civil rights and civil liberties guidance issued from such sources to include, but not limited to, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, National Fusion Center Guidelines, State and Major Urban Area Fusion Center Baseline Capabilities and the National SAR Initiative.

FY 2010 DHS grant funds may not be used to support fusion center-related initiatives unless the fusion center is able to certify that privacy and civil rights/civil liberties (CR/CL) protections are in place that are determined to be at least as comprehensive as the ISE Privacy Guidelines by the ISE Privacy Guidelines Committee (PGC) within 6 months of the award date on this FY 2010 award. If these protections have not been submitted for review and on file with the ISE PGC, DHS grants funds may only be leveraged to support the development and/or completion of the fusion center's privacy protections requirements.  For more information view Homeland Security grant program guidance and application kit(108 pages .pdf).