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  Posted on: Friday, November 9, 2018
Three Agencies Win The Best Collaborative Effort Award

The 2018 inaugural award winners for the Best Collaborative Effort were the Texas Joint Crime Information Center (JCIC), the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), and the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS I&A). 

This is a special award because it was created to acknowledge exceptional collaborative efforts of partners from any sector. This years' story starts with DHS and ICE officials asking Emily Greiner from the JCIC to assist in identifying individuals who were making violent threats to ICE employees. Emily was able to obtain information on the possible whereabouts of a suspect. She sent the information to the BRIC who engaged the Boston JTTF. Within days, FBI New York arrested the individual for Using Interstate and Foreign Commerce to Transmit a Threat to Injure Another Person. Over the next month, Emily continued working on this project. In  July of 2018, Emily identified another subject who was calling for the killing of ICE personnel. Emily and the BRIC again worked together to generate a case for follow up by the appropriate partners. The efforts of DHS, the JCIC, and the BRIC are a fine illustration of the intent of the Best Collaborative Effort award. 

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