The NFCA is an association that represents all of the fusion centers located across the country that make up the National Network. It is headed by an Executive board composed of a President, Vice President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and two regional co-chairs that represent Fusion Centers from the North East, South East, Central, Rocky Mountain, and Pacific regions of the country.

Executive Board
President- Mike Sena
Vice President- Alberto Martinez
Treasurer- Dan Mahoney
Secretary- Amy Lay

Regional Co-Chairs
Northeast- Amy Thibault & Janille Stearmer
Southeast- Jay Moseley & Caleb Utterback
Central- Ashley Oglesby & Patrick Quinn
Southwest- Dale Avant & Matthew Brown
Rocky Mountain- Devon Rhoads & Kristina Bomba
Pacific- Roy Frank & Cary Underwood

Executive Director

Julianne Ortman


The mission of the National Fusion Center Association is to represent the interests of state and major urban area fusion centers, as well as associated interests of states, tribal nations, and units of local government, in order to promote the development and sustainment of fusion centers to enhance public safety; encourage effective, efficient, ethical, lawful, and professional intelligence and information sharing; and prevent and reduce the harmful effects of crime and terrorism on victims, individuals, and communities.


  • Provide an independent and consolidated voice for state and major urban area fusion centers;
  • Maintain the focus of state, tribal, local, and federal governments on the needs of the fusion centers;
  • Represent fusion center concerns to the federal government through an education process;
  • Provide support for the development of effective fusion center policy for the nation’s state and local government elected officials and tribal leaders;
  • Serve as a catalyst for the careful consideration and promotion of effective and efficient fusion center policies and practices;
  • Advocate for the commitment of adequate resources to support a national, integrated network of state and major urban area fusion centers;
  • Coordinate between and among the different branches and levels of government and promote broad philosophical agreement; and
  • Prioritize the protection of privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. Please click here for a list privacy policies for the Network of Fusion Centers.


The fusion center concept was created as a result of the September 11 report, in an attempt by state and local partners to create better communication and cooperation between state, local, and territorial law enforcement with federal law enforcement entities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and several others. With domestic and foreign threats constantly changing, the strategies used by each Fusion Center have to be defined, and altered, which calls for a specific plans and guidelines as to how to best protect the homeland.

The National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding, as well as The National Strategy for Information Sharing are two documents that influenced the workings of the Fusion Center network, and defined a broad strategy for a more proactive information sharing network. The NFCA alongside several other federal and local law enforcement associations formulated the “Baseline Capabilities for State and Major Fusion Centers” as well as the “National Strategy for the National Network of Fusion Centers” are documents that defined a clear understanding of the role of Fusion Centers as well as time sensitive goals they should achieve.

The National Strategy is constantly being developed as time passes to meet the needs of the changing environment of national security. Additionally, a “Cyber Appendix” was added to the Baseline Capabilities document, that defines the roles and operational capabilities of Fusion Centers to fight cyber crime that effects their areas of responsibility

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