Annual Conference


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the  National Fusion Center Association held its annual conference virtually. Despite this new and unique conference environment, we were thrilled with the outcome. The 2020 Conference brought together a broader audience than ever before of fusion center personnel, federal and local partners and valued corporate sponsors to share innovative ideas and business practices to enhance fusion center capabilities and the National Networks contribution to public safety. The event comprised of three days of keynote speakers, breakout training sessions on topics related to current public safety challenges and the current national threat picture, our annual awards ceremony, and opportunities to network with our private sector partners.

Our keynote speakers included FBI director Christopher Wray, Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, Deputy Director Office of National Intelligence Dustin-Gard Weiss, Former Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention Meghann Peterlin,  Georgetown Law Professor Mary McCord, and current Counter Terrorism Coordinator and Assistant Secretary for Counter Terrorism and Threat Prevention John Cohen.

Each year during the Annual Training Event, the NFCA honors the sacrifice, and professional excellence of fusion centers and individuals dedicated to protecting the nation.

We are proud to announce the following winners of the 2020 NFCA Awards. Congratulations!

Excellence in the Field of Maritime Domain Awareness Award- Craig Buehler, Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

Terrorist Screening Center Award- New York State Intelligence Center

Privacy Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Award- Jeffrey Dambly, Florida Fusion Center ; Heather Frient, Statewide Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center

HSIN Intel Award- DHS I&A Field Operations and Partner Engagement; Northern California Regional Intelligence Center-Threat to Life Team

David Sobczyk National SAR Initiative Award-California State Assessment Center

Fusion Center Analyst of the Year-Jane Chung, Joint Regional Intelligence Center- Tactical Analysis Unit

Michael Schooler Critical Infrastructure Award- Marisa Brusuelas, Texas Fusion Center

Excellence in the Field of Cyber- Corey Hovak, New York State Intelligence Center

Fusion Center Employee of the Year- Karissa Lynn Garrison, Tennessee Fusion Center

Excellence in the Field of Outreach Award- Steve Kempinski, New Jersey Regional Operations & Intelligence Center; Brian Kruzel, New Jersey Regional Operations & Intelligence Center

Excellence in the Field of Collaboration Award- Jared Bostic, Alabama Fusion Center; Nick Gray, Illinois

Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center; Ryan Walsh, Boston Regional Intelligence Center

Fusion Center Director of the Year- Ryan Carmichael, Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Fusion Center of the Year- Alabama Fusion Center, Georgia Information and Analysis Center

Thomas J. O’Reilly Lifetime Achievement Award- Ron Brooks, Brooks Bawden Moore, LLC.

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 conference and who provided critical feedback that will shape future conference decisions. We were delighted to receive such positive reviews and are thankful to have been able to host this event for our members who have often been working remotely and juggling difficult family, health, and work environments from this challenging year.

The Executive Board has already begun planning for the 2021 National Conference. It is our hope that we can invite everyone, once again, to join us in person in Alexandria, Virginia this fall. We are encouraging all members, partners, and sponsors to provide their opinion on how best to accommodate conference goers in 2021. Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the 2021 conference!